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Your Hair & Beauty Astro Guide

Your path to radiant skin and luscious hair is written in the stars!


Adventurous, lively and energetic Aries should embrace the ear-grazing short bob hairstyle with loads of texture. Easy and fuss-free, the style will match your always-on-the-go and positive attitude. Any shade from the red colour family will suit your mane. Make lip treatments, lipsticks, lip balms and lip glosses your best friends this year! They’ll help you put your best face forward so you can look effortless wherever the day takes you!


This year is all about bringing out your girl boss side. There’s nothing better to describe this style than a sleek and chic straight parted hairstyle. It’s high on glam yet sophisticated and stylish. For hair colours choose from auburns, pinks and light brown shades to look and feel great. You were born with a beautiful pout, so accentuate it! For shades, stick to soft muted tones, paler pinks, shimmers and glitter in blush hues for your makeup looks.


Moody and unpredictable, Gemini you are often known to express yourself through your styles. You also often get bored with one style. Try an asymmetrical lob cut to keep things interesting or micro-braids for rocking selfies. The ombré hair trend in lilac is a must for you this year. Frame your gorgeous eyes in sparkling highlighter, experiment with the colour yellow and sparkly dual-toned purple and green eyeshadows to keep your look interesting!


Sensitive and charming, anything too dramatic or big can scare you away, dear Cancerian. Loose braids, a simple bun, soft layers or even a pixie cut can keep your look soft yet stunning. Try hair gloss treatments to maintain the shine in your hair! For your makeup keep your style soft and sensual with dove greys and warm peaches. Fresh and dewy skin should be your go-to. Accentuate your pretty features with the less-is-more trend.


Loud, high-on-volume and high-on-sass is your general style dear attention-loving Leo! Big voluminous blowouts, curly locks, impeccable bobs, edgy short haircuts or extremely long flowing locks, you could rock any of these. For a hair colour, gold is your obvious choice! Highlights or streaks in shades of gold with amp up your look. Opt for metallic hues or loads of highlighter to bring out your bold and shining personality!


You’ll find your perfectionist side showing up in your hair and beauty this year, dear Virgo. It’s time to show off your styling prowess in bubble ponytails, shoulder-length wavy chopped cuts and styles, bangs and sharp ponytails. You might want to go easy on the styling tools though! Embrace your natural hair hue. For your makeup grounded earthy tones in pale browns, greens, rust or maroons will work wonders for you!


Libra, your love for luxury, symmetry and balance shows in your hair and make-up. Don’t hesitate to step out of your usual comfort zone. Bring out your romantic and thoughtful side in face-framing layers in soft and romantic light pastel hair hues. It’s time to step out of the comfort zone and try out-of-the-box looks. The floating eyeliner trend, graphic eyeliners are a trend you will love. A classic red pout will define your beautiful smile.


Intense, sexy and magnetic, you love to sting with your appearances dear Scorpio. You make sure you put up a fancy show everytime you step out. Retro styles, messy bed hair, gelled-slicked-back-hair and polished looks are timeless styles you should try out this year! Deep maroons and burgundys, wine shades, crimsons bring out your rock-n-roll personality! All these shades in gloss or matte lipsticks should be your top picks.


Fun, go-getters, Sagittarius your love for freedom and adventure tend to play up in your styles. This year, challenge yourself to a new style, cut or colour every few weeks. Half-up, half-down looks, micro bangs, inverted bob cuts or tight buns will be your aesthetic. For shades, crimsons, indigos, blues and aqua shades will perfectly complement your adventurous nature. The smokey eye trend in vibrant shades, rich mascara and bold brows can be your signature look.


Stable, secure and put-together, dear Capri, it’s time to mix fun into the boring routine of daily life. Opt for sleek strands with trend-setting clips, bobby pins, pearl barrettes and satin headbands for a playful look. Chocolate or chestnut browns, rich ashy hues, copper shades or warm shades of brown will look classy and make you a stand-out. Opt for bright pop of colours – white or pink eyeliners and contour – for chiselled cheekbones.


As a rebellious Aquarius, you love your independence and hate being stuck in a rut. The same applies to your hair and beauty routine. Quirky space buns, bantu knots with accessories, pigtails with ribbons or Mohawk braids, get creative, get thinking, get wild with your style this year. Platinum blondes, ash blondes and silvers can be your colour choice. Highlighted inner creases, trending ear makeup, dark liners and wild eyes let you bring out your quirky side.


Stepping out of the comfort zone might not be for you, Pisces. You should opt for softer crimped hairstyles, cascading flowing curls, wavy long hairstyles and hair accessories that are encrusted with jewels, sequins, rhinestones and crystals to make a glamorous statement. Blonde and strawberry pink hair hues look best on you. Your captivating, ethereal, soft and dreamy eyes are where all the action happens. Swirl pink and coral hues on them.




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