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On the occasion of World Water Day, we bring you the health and beauty benefits of water.

Drinking water has multiple benefits on the skin and hair. A glass of hot or cold water can fix your health problems to a great extent. Water also provides you with healthy, radiant, younger looking skin. On the other hand, not drinking enough water will make your skin dry, flaky and tight which in turn makes it wrinkly and less resilient.

Here’s how water maximises your skin and hair:

It keeps your skin glowing

Water hydrates your skin and enhances your complexion. It makes your body organs functional and makes you feel light and beautiful.

Reduces puffiness

Splash cold water or take cold water compressions around your eyes to reduce the puffiness. Drinking more water also lessens dehydration and makes your eyes more sparkly and clear.

Takes care of brittle nails

If you have flaky cuticles or your nails tend to break or peel off, it’s a sign that your body is dehydrated. Drinking more water shall promote nail growth.

Sets the skin before makeup

Washing your face with cold water can reduce the redness of the skin before applying makeup. First, wash your face with hot water to open your pores and remove any dirt, then splash it with cold water to seal the pores shut and prevent them from clogging.

Acts as natural hair lotion

Styling your wet hair helps to reform it and take a new shape. Water plays a great role in making soft curls.

Delays sign of aging

Drinking water is the secret to enhancing your beauty. It replenishes and hydrates the skin tissues which increases the skin’s elasticity and keeps it moisturised and glowing.

Nourishes hair

The water supply to the hair roots keeps the hair nourished and maintains some level of keratin.

Detoxifies the body

Water has the ability to flush the toxins in the body and cleanse it well. Skin specialists, celebrities, models recommend drinking enough water to keep the body functioning well.



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