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Top 5 Beauty Treatments Hollywood is Hooked on

Hollywood stars have a huge crush on beauty treatments and indulge in them big time. Dr Bharti Magoo, Aesthetician, tells you more.

Hollywood is a show business and what looks good, sells best. With the spotlight on them and the paparazzi continuously clicking pictures, they have to always look their best at all times. All said and done, camera doesn’t lie, so our celebrities constantly search for good skin treatments which can help them enhance their beauty, giving the effect of a more natural and long-lasting youthful glow. Innovations in newer beauty treatments are therefore supported by Hollywood and the demand for these treatments continues to grow in every part of the civilised world.

Here are five outrageous treatments that Hollywood stars are hooked on:

Hydra Facial

Hail hydra! This beauty treatment is absolutely coveted as a part of routine skincare. Hydra facial is one of the go-to beauty treatments for everyone from Kate Winslet to Beyonce Knowles. The treatment methodology follows a step-by-step process of cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating, all of which culminates into a routine that is done all over the world. Every region adds its own modifications, but the basic procedure remains the same. With the help of jet machine, ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid are converted into nano-particles and absorbed into the skin.

The resultant chemical peel helps to get rid of dead skin cells and removes dirt from the skin pores. This treatment is quite safe, with very little room for any kind of side effect. It works well for all ages and skin types and instantly adds glow to the skin while reducing various kinds of age-related damage.

Vampire Facelift

Contrary to the name, this facial can be done during the day and is relatively harmless. Kim Kardashian, Rupert Everett, and Israeli model, Bar Refaeli, are some of the celebrities who are devoted fans of these vampire facials. This beauty treatment is a very trendy skincare procedure and is in demand everywhere. The face-lift procedure consists of taking the patient’s own blood and injecting it into their face with very small needles (the process is called micro-needling) in the form of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The procedure is said to rejuvenate the facial tissue by boosting the skin and preventing wrinkles.

Vampire facelift is much more advanced as compared to other procedures of rejuvenating your face. It helps in improving skin texture and tone, tightens skin, restores facial shape and also helps in growing out new and younger tissues. The advantage of this facial is that it is more affordable than any facelift surgery. Vampire facelift has no side effects involved in it.

Chemical Peel Treatment

Chemical peels use a variety of acids to peel the top layer of the skin. It is non-invasive, controlled form of stripping off or scaling off different layers of skin, an option used for treating fine wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, stretchmarks, acne scars, uneven skin, inflammatory acne, and to reduce open pores, photo damaged skin, for tightening skin, for party glow, under-eye treatment and various other skin conditions. It regenerates healthy, youthful, glowing skin.

It is a painless procedure. In this treatment, no analgesics or antibiotics are required. The skin is cleaned and degreased completely first, protecting the corners of the mouth, nose and eyes. Then the chosen peel is applied with a smooth brush or cotton gauze or bud. The peel is then neutralised. A protective serum is applied later on. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Melissa George are huge fans of these chemical peel treatments.

Fractional Resurfacing Lasers

With the use of laser, various age-related skin blemishes are countered by resurfacing the upper layers of the skin. This treatment is done when there are concerns like wrinkles, lines and acne scars on the skin. Kim Kardashian West is said to be a big fan of this method to keep her skin wrinkle-free and radiant.

In this method, the laser, as thousands of tiny beams, is concentrated on one area of the skin to improve its appearance. With benefits associated for those who have sagging skin and/or age-related lines, this treatment helps in creating a smoother complexion, improves spots and makes one look more youthful.

Caviar Body Treatment

In this treatment, fish egg extract is smeared all over the skin to moisturise it and make it firm. Caviar treatment is rich in omega-3 fatty acid which helps in adding a healthy glow to the skin. This treatment is known for its anti-aging properties, reducing wrinkles and improving elasticity and texture of the skin. This also helps to activate skin cells to produce collagen, while the antioxidants present in it help to reduce fine lines. Angelina Jolie, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are known to indulge in Caviar treatment.

In this treatment, the skin is cleansed first and then exfoliated. Then chilled caviar is mixed with a nutrient which is extracted from plant, the mixture is then applied to the skin like a mask. After its removal, platinum oil is applied to the skin. This makes your skin brighter and smoother.

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