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The Spring Hair Masterclass

Learn to revitalise your hair health in five simple steps.

The change to spring season is always exciting. Like every season, spring too comes with its own set of hair woes. Thankfully, whether you have black or brown tresses or blonde strands, the best way is to prepare your hair with some simple care tips. Fret not, for spring hair transition is just a simple technique. All you need to do is, swap your winter haircare products for spring-friendly versions.

Here’s your five-step guide to spring-care:

  1. Choose a spring snip

Snipping off the dead ends of your hair is the first step to freshen yourself for spring. The key to healthy hair is trimming it often (do it once every three months). If you’re planning a dramatic change, chop off your long tresses for a chic shorter style.

  1. Switch to a lighter shampoo

As the season changes, so do your hair products. As humidity rises up in the air, sweat starts building up in your hair too. Reduce oil without stripping your hair of moisture by opting for a light-weight sulphate- free shampoo. Want to boost your hair growth? Then choose a keratin shampoo.

  1. Go for intense conditioning

As spring-summer time approaches, you need to switch your everyday conditioner for an extra-moisture one. Conditioner seals the cuticles (the outer layer that protects the inner core) of your hair.  You can also ask your stylist to recommend a deep conditioning treatment for silky, shiny hair.

  1. Protect against chlorine

A dip in the pool in the warm weather is a must. But make sure to tie your hair up or wear a swimming cap. If you’re persistent on leaving your hair down, then coat it with a layer of coconut oil to form a protective layer. Also wash your hair as soon as you get out of the pool water.

  1. Eat plenty of proteins

We all know that hair consists of keratin and in order to keep it healthy, it is necessary to consume more proteins. From whole eggs and salmon to meat and dairy products, there are plenty of protein-rich foods you can add to your diet.



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