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The Glam Girl

Bollywood actress Adah Sharma lets us in on her Bollywood journey as well as beauty secrets and stay-fit mantra.

Adah Sharma is making heads turn with her gorgeous beauty and acting abilities. Since a young age, the stunner had her heart set on the big and glamorous world of Bollywood. In 2008, she made her screen debut with the Hindi film 1920 that turned out to be a huge box office success and got her the best female debutant award. She then went onto do blockbuster films like Hasee Toh Phasee and Commando 2 before venturing into the southern film industry with six films in a row. The actress is known for choosing unconventional and unusual roles. She became an instant hit with her performances and finally arrived on the scene. In a conversation with hair , the versatile actress talks about her foray into the film industry, her acting journey and experiences and shares her daily hair and beauty rituals and stay-fit mantra.

Q) When did you decide to pursue acting as a professional career?
Ans) Ever since I was in my 10th class, I’ve been wanting to pursue acting. I had no idea what this was going to be like. I just knew I liked to act and that was it. In fact, I was a topper in class, so not going to college was shocking for everyone around me.

Q) Tell us about your Bollywood journey so far.
Ans) It has been a great journey. From 1920 to almost 2020 – it’s been almost 100 years (laughs). It’s been mad, unpredictable and fun.

Q) How did you make a foray into the industry?
Ans) It was not at all easy for me as I don’t come from a film background, My parents didn’t send my pictures for the Miss India contest, my friend did not drag me for an audition and no one spotted me at coffee shops. I didn’t accidently land up in a movie too. Nothing of this sort happened with me. I went for auditions and got rejected. 1920 was one audition where I finally landed up with the role.

Q) How was it like seeing yourself on the screen for the first time?
Ans) It was a complete out of body experience for me. I was possessed in 1920 so it didn’t feel like I was watching myself anyway. I was made to look very different with my hair and the make-up. I was very young at the time and the role needed me to look older. My dad didn’t even recognise me on screen. I haven’t yet played a character that is similar to how I am in real life.

Q) You have made great choices with your roles. How did each one inspire you?
Ans) I am very selective about the roles I choose to do. Unless a role really excites me to go to the sets and do the film, I don’t take it up. I’ve been lucky to debut in a film like 1920 where I could show my acting skills. I’ve also been very fortunate that directors gave me quirky roles like Bhavana Reddy in Commando 2.

Q) Being fit was important for you in Commando 2. Do you follow a stay-fit mantra?
Ans) According to me, being fit in the mind is most important. The body just follows. For the mind, I try to stay away from negativity and surround myself with positive people. Also, I try to find happiness even in miserable situations. For the body, I follow my workout and dance routine, do mallakhamb and also gymnastics to stay fit. Also I’m a strict vegetarian.

Q) How was your experience of working in the south? How different is it from Bollywood?
Ans) It is different and yet quite similar. At the end of the day I believe whatever industry it is, everyone is striving hard to make a good film. Also nowadays, the crew, technicians and actors from south are all working in Bollywood and vice versa. The boundaries are blurring.

Q) Being under harsh lights constantly can damage your skin? What is your skin’s go-to mantra at such times?
Ans) I try to stick to natural ingredients for my skin such as papaya face pack for cleansing. I’m prone to frequent sunburn and use aloevera. Also the usual drinking plenty of water helps to keep the skin healthy. I suffer from a skin condition so I cannot wear moisturisers or sunscreen; but for those who can, it is a must as being constantly under harsh lights tends to damage the skin.

Q) Again, hair also tends to get dry and damaged because of chemicals and products being used in the hair. What solution works for you on a bad hair day?
Ans) I oil my hair or tie it up. A hair paste made of hibiscus leaves makes for a great conditioner for the hair.

Q) Would you like to share some beauty tips with our readers?
Ans) According to me, what works for others might not work for you and vice versa. When a celebrity looks good on screen, understand that it is a result of tremendous efforts put in by the entire team. So beware of blindly doing what others are doing. It may sound silly when you hear people suggest being beautiful on the inside. But I can promise you, if you refrain from gossiping or talking bad about others and think positively for yourself, your skin will glow and your hair will shine too. Try it for yourself!

Rapid-fire with Adah

My go-to hairstyle
Messy bun

Beauty to me is
Beauty is what beauty does

My beauty mantra
When in doubt, smile and eat lots of dosa

3 must-haves in my bag
• Water bottle • Khakra • Socks

My best hair hack
I honestly don’t know any hair hacks. When my hair gets frizzy or unmanageable, I just tie it up.

One trend I absolutely love
Wearing sneakers with a saree. It might not be in trend now, but when it becomes a trend in future, you know who started it!

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