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The At-Home Tress Care Guide

In these current times when hair spas and salons are shut due to the statewide lockdown, Natasha Naegamvala- Nalini of Nalini & Yasmin Salon, shares a simple and handy guide to self-care for your hair.

So one of the things that this lockdown has given us is the option of time. How long, and how often have we said, “Oh, I wish I had time! Time to chill, time to take care of myself!” Well, now we have it, we are not burdened with running from pillar to post.

With that in mind, I’m here to give you a few tips and tricks into self-care for your hair.

  • This is the perfect time to give your hair a breather from all the heated tools you may feel compelled to use on an everyday basis.
  • Do all the deep conditioning treatments possible. The more you hydrate, the more you condition, the more you lay on the protein, the better your hair.
  • To elaborate, hydration is the key to good quality hair, and so this is the perfect time to go about it.
  • Get a mix of protein-based oils, or aloe vera for the scalp, or yogurt, onion juice and/or egg white – all smelly, and again you may not ordinarily choose to use, which now you have the time to do and not subject that upon others.
  • All those haircare products that you’ve bought, now is the perfect time to put them to the test and see how effective they are.
  • Try to leave your hair to dry naturally, yet placing it differently, layering it with the different styling products you have on your bathroom shelf that you’ve ever bought and never used! Normally, like I said, you are rushed for time and don’t have the inclination or opportunity to try and test new looks.
  • Use silk/ satin to sleep on. Use a microfiber towel, or an old t-shirt instead of regular towels. And with persistent use, notice the change.
  • Improve your eating habits and see the noticeable difference to your hair growth.
  • “If you practice yoga, do inversions,” says my husband, a yoga teacher. “Inversions increase the blood flow to the head, thereby increasing blood flow to the hair follicles. But do it only under the guidance of a certified teacher.”
  • Stress, as we all know, can and does aggravate hairfall. And although we know these are very trying times, use it productively and efficiently to avoid stress.
  • We now have the time to see the change occurring, if and when you do these for extended periods. Hair health, like our minds and bodies, takes time and work, and we now have so much of that, so let’s put it to good use.


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