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Skincare Hacks for Holi

…Because we don’t want the festival of colours to end on a sour note with skin woes for you.

With the vibrant festival of Holi right around the corner, a day in the sun and fun with family and friends is guaranteed! While you will be taking the necessary precautions in the pandemic time, you will still be indulging in festive fun. With all the enjoyment that the festival promises, watch out, as staying for long hours in the sun, toxic colours and unclean water can affect your beauty game.

A checklist of dos’ so you have a joyful, easy and stress-free Holi

Pre-holi skincare tips

Aromatherapist and skin expert Dr Blossom Kochhar totally recommends playing Holi with organic colours. “The colours that are used during Holi can lead to skin allergies and rashes. Therefore the safest way is to play it with flowers.” She suggests making an oil mixture of 1 tbsp each of coconut and olive oil, adding 1 tsp of castor oil to it, and applying it all over your body – including the ears and the area behind it – before heading out. After moisturising your skin with this oil mixture, you can also apply sunscreen to your face. Avoid putting on makeup while playing Holi with colours.

Dr Blossom further advises to paint the nails bright as it helps keep the nails and cuticles safe from the harsh colours and chemicals. For the lips, use a lip balm or lipstick to keep them protected and moisturised at all times.

Cosmetic physician and skin and hair expert Dr Jamuna Pai suggests avoiding undergoing any skin peeling or laser treatments or getting facials, waxing or threading done a week before the festival. She also suggests wearing clothes that will cover most of your body to protect your skin from harmful colours. “Use sunscreen generously on all exposed areas of your body to further protect your skin from the damage caused by colours. People with normal or combination skin can apply a waterproof sunscreen with a drop of baby oil mixed with it. This acts as a barrier and protects the skin.” she adds.

Post-holi skincare tips

For post-holi skincare Dr Blossom Kochhar warns scrubbing the colour off with soap, as that could lead to skin damage. Use a cream-based cleanser or oil instead and follow it up with a bath. Do apply plenty of moisturising cream to keep the skin hydrated.

Still some colour left on your skin? Follow any of these DIY recipes:

 DIY Recipe 1: Mix 1 tsp of besan with 2 tbsp milk to form a paste. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the paste. Apply this paste on your skin and allow it to stay for a few minutes before taking a bath.

 DIY Recipe 2: Mix 2 tbsp each of besan and sandalwood powder, add 1 tbsp of orange peel and a little milk. Mix the ingredients to form a paste. You can add 2-3 drops of sandalwood essential oil. Apply this paste on your skin and allow it to stay for a few minutes before taking a bath.

Holi notes from Dr Jamuna Pai

  • It is advisable to remove the colours whilst they are still wet as dry colours are tough to come off.
  • If the colours do not come off in the first wash, rub warm olive oil generously over your skin, leave it for an hour and then take a bath.
  • For people with sensitive skin, it is best to use a cleansing milk to gently take off the colour rather than using soap as the latter will further dry the skin.
  • After washing the colour off, do not forget to apply hand and feet lotion.
  • You can also treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure the following day to exfoliate the skin and moisturise it.
  • In case of a rash, apply lacto calamine lotion to soothe the skin. You can also take an anti-allergic tablet to calm skin irritation.
  • If it does not settle within 24 hours, it is best to visit a dermatologist.




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