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Love fragrances? Scroll through this fragrance handbook and spritz like a pro, notifies RACHNA VIRDI.

Love the idea of leaving a trail of rich lingering aroma as you walk out of a room? Like reaching out to your fragrance wardrobe to spritz it all over every time you’re heading out? You’re welcome to the world of fragrances.

This International Fragrance day, we have Sonali Vengurlekar, Head Trainer Fragrances–Intercraft Trading, walking you through the world of fragrances and helping you find your own.

A fragrance should be an expression of your personality. Don’t be swayed by trends, bestsellers or top rated; these are general guidelines for one to be aware of what’s out there. The suggested way to enjoy your own fragrance, is just that—find your own fragrance, the one that blends perfectly with your skin and reflects your personality.

Check out this users’ guide.

  Are you someone who loves deep colours, an espresso, a good cigar or a perfectly aged scotch or red wine?

Well then, there are very good chances that you will enjoy a Parfum or an EDP over an EDT. Or an Oriental spicy warm fragrance over a citrus, fruity, fresh fragrance.

  Are you someone who loves a fruity cocktail or fresh mojito?

If yes, you would probably like fresh citrus or a soft floral and fresh fragrance.

  Remember, a fragrance only reveals its true character after 20-30 minutes.

So if you really want to get to know the fragrance, never make your decision upon immediately smelling it. Wear it on your skin, always!


Interpreting the notes

Feminine fragrances

Floral fruity: This family of fragrances usually has sweet fruits blended with flowers. For example, peaches, strawberries, kiwis, etc.

Floral fresh: This family of fragrances has a lot of fresh smelling flowers like roses, lily of the valley, etc. paired with citrus fruits like orange, bergamot, etc.

Floral spicy: This family usually has mild spices like pink pepper, cinnamon, ginger, etc. blended with flowers.

Floral Oriental: This is the richest family with ingredients like vanilla, Tonka beans, woods, frankincense, etc. blended with intense smelling flowers like tuberose, jasmine, etc.

 Masculine fragrances

Woody citrus: Different kinds of citrus fruits are paired with woods and spices to make this family.

Woody aromatic: Aromatic is a family only for masculine fragrances. Herbs like thyme, basil, sage, mint, etc. are important ingredients to make a fragrance aromatic. Lavender is one of the key ingredients of all aromatic fragrances.

Woody spicy: Spices such as ginger, pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, etc. are blended with woods to make a fragrance woody spicy.

Woody Oriental: Oriental fragrances are always a blend of intense rich ingredients. Male Oriental fragrances usually have some intense spices blended with rich ingredients like tobacco or leather, frankincense, herbs and woods.

Perfume pointers:

  1. Be wary of where you are headed to. You might love the intensity in a fragrance, but if you’re headed to a meeting which is in an air-conditioned room on a hot summer afternoon, the fragrance will get even more intense with the mercury rising. This could result in an unpleasant experience, for you as well as others.
  2. Less is always more. Just because the fragrance is a fresh soft floral or citrus, it does not mean you need to empty the entire bottle to be noticed. Remember, less is more, especially for fragrances.
  3. Hot temperature, light fragrance. Follow this motto and you’re good to go. Just like wearing linens, chiffons and cottons; summer fragrances are all about the freshness. As the mercury dips, bring out your rich and warm fragrances to envelop your body just like a rich cashmere shawl or a warm leather jacket.

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