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Say YES to Self-Care

Self-care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. When you’re relaxed and happy, you enjoy your time with family without feeling cranky and irritable. It’s important for your family to see that you have your own hobbies and routine too. When your cup is filled with self-love and care, what you pour out to the ones around you makes you feel energised and fulfilled, says Sanmati Sanyam, qualified Intuitive Energy Healer & Founder-House of Healers.

Pointers to have a healthy balance:

  1. SAY NO – If you’re feeling tired and can’t do a certain task, start saying NO.
  2. ASK FOR HELP – Involve your family in sharing the load at home. It not only reduces your burden but makes you feel supported and empowers your family to do things on their own.
  3. SET ASIDE TIME FOR YOURSELF – You can use this time to read, listen to music, sing, meditate or whatever it is that you enjoy doing.
  4. EXERCISE – Staying healthy is important. Doing physical and breathing exercises, even if it’s for 30 minutes a day, can be a game-changer for your overall health, mood and energy levels.
  5. TAKE SALT BATHS – Yes, I said bath. Not only does it flush out used up energies from the system but leaves one feeling relaxed and revitalised.
  6. DO ENERGY HEALING SPA – This can be experienced in the comfort of your home. It balances the energy in one’s aura and chakras and helps to release energies of stress, energies causing aches and pains. Thirty minutes of this experience can take care of your entire day.
  7. TAKE TIME WITH YOUR PARTNER – It’s easy to get entangled in household chores, but it’s equally important to have space and time with your partner. Yes, there is a lockdown but holding hands, hugging each other, doing things together can be done anytime, anywhere.



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