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Say No to Summer Acne

Troubled by acne or pimples? Get answers from a skin expert.

Acne is a common skin disorder which predictably occurs first during the teenage phase. Researches state that over 70 per cent adolescents are affected by a recognizable form of acne. There is no proper treatment that cures acne. However, there are several precautions to be taken in order to keep it in control and prevent it from spreading.

Aromatherapist Dr. Blossom Kochhar gives a lowdown on the dos and don’ts and some at-home care for acne.

The Do’s

  • Avoid using oil-based creams, ointments and makeup products
  • Follow your skincare routine scrupulously
  • Try to live your life as stress-free as possible
  • Supplement your diet with additional vitamin B12
  • Avoid deep-frying while cooking as you are exposed to flying grease
  • In case of really severe acne, consult a doctor at the earliest

The Don’ts

  • Do not rub, squeeze or pick pustules
  • Do not use any beauty soaps of moisturisers

A quick look at some DIY remedies to treat acne at home

Cleanser: Apply milk of magnesia (easily available in the market) on the acne. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse off.

Toner: Add about 2-3 drops of tincture of Benzoin to a mug of cold water. Rinse your face with this solution. It is an antibacterial solution that helps acne.

Moisturiser: Add ¼ teaspoon vinegar, 5 drops of glycerin, 2 drops of camphor to a bottle of rose water.

Desincrusting formula: Dissolve a teaspoon of epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) in a cup of hot water. Apply this to the acne areas with a cotton wool. A papaya-mint tea bag dissolved in a cup of hot water and applied on the acne areas also acts as a desincrusting lotion. It helps blackheads come out easily.

Face Pack: Add 2 pods of crushed garlic and 1 teaspoon of lacto calamine to 2 teaspoons of egg white. Mix and apply it all over face. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse off with water.

Dryer: Take a little camphor and touch your face closer with its spirit. Keep applying until the pimples dry up. It may sting for some time but will surely help in the infection.

Beauty Tip To Lighten Acne Scars

  • Moisten a bunch of green grapes with water and sprinkle 1 tablespoon alum and 1 teaspoon salt over it. Wrap the grapes in a foil paper and bake in the oven on ‘slow’ for 15 minutes. Now squeeze the juice of grapes and apply this liquid on the face. Rinse off after 15 minutes with lukewarm water.
  • Regular use of ice pack helps to get rid of acne scars. Wrap ice cubes in a small cloth or cotton and apply it to the open pore areas. This helps the enlarged pores to diminish.



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