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Rising Beauty Trends in 2021

The global beauty industry is transforming and how! Flip the pages for a rundown on emerging trends that are shaping up in beauty, says RACHNA VIRDI.

2020 has been a mundane year for the entire world. The pandemic and lockdown left us in panic and stuck at home for months together. It seemed like we would never step out of the house again! Of all the things that we desperately missed during the lockdown, hitting the salon for personal care or essential beauty services was surely one of them. Self-pampering is a primary concern for humans after all.

The staggered opening up of the nation is reversing the situation and people are yet again making appointments with their hair and beauty specialists and hitting the salons, albeit with proper social distancing norms. Turns out that many women are looking for services that prevent them from being in a similar situation again. A majority of them are therefore aspiring for long-term beauty solutions. Many are checking out for permanent procedures to transform their personality and save on their money and time.

As the New Year ushers in with the hope of a fresh start, we look at some unique services and procedures that are emerging as game-changers in the beauty industry. Some of these have existed since sometime but are now more in demand. Read further to know more about these services and how they benefit you.


  • Ombre Powder Brows

Ombre powder brow is a semi-permanent make-up technique done with a rotary tattoo machine. This procedure is a favourite for all beauty lovers.

Who should do it: It is great for those of you who have normal to oily skin and want a soft powdered look for their brows. It is also a good fit for those who want to fill in, shape, or enhance their existing brows. The pigment lasts for 1-2 years and costs approximately Rs 29000/- for two sittings.

Note: You will have to take two sessions spaced at 6-8 weeks apart.

  • Microblading

Microblading is precise strokes created with a hand tool to give the illusion of real brow hair. During the procedure, custom blended pigment is implanted in the skin to create the effect. It gives a natural brow look and the cost starts from Rs 19,500 for one sitting.

Who should do it: This service is great for those of you that have dry to normal skin type.

Note: You will have to take two sessions spaced at 6-8 weeks apart.

  • Combination Brows

This procedure is a combination of both microblading and ombre powder brows and gives the benefits of both procedures producing a striking appearance! It creates strokes initially and gives symmetry shape with the help of ombré powder brows. It gives you bold, defined shape brows like a natural brow look. It lasts up to two years and the cost starts from Rs 20,000 onwards.

Who should do it: This treatment is for people who have scanty brows asymmetry or scars.

What the expert says

Raman Lamba, Co-Founder, Victress Beauty Academy in Mumbai, states, “The semi-permanent service offers your thin, sparse and non-symmetrical brows a solution. It provides a natural looking, long lasting and filled-in effect. This means it need not be done every morning. Brows are designed and mapped to each individual’s bone structure and face proportions. There are thousands of women who rush to get this procedure.”

Wow Factor

This service is not only for thin, sparse brows; but also even for those who have been blessed with naturally full ones. Ombre powder brows or Microblading can enhance what is already there. Once you get your brows done, you can say good bye to spending 15 minutes every morning doing your brows. And your brows are mapped the right way, it can provide a visual facelift,” she states.

Time required: Eyebrows require two sessions. During the first session they are brought up according to the bone structure in the facial proportions along with doing the procedure. The second session held in 6-8 weeks is called perfection session which is done to ensure everything heals evenly.

Durability: Semi-permanent services last up to 2-3 years depending upon the skin type and lifestyle. However, to maintain them, we recommend getting touchups every 12 months.



  • Lip Neutralisation

Lips often become dark as a result of hyperpigmentation. This is a harmless condition caused by melanin. It can be corrected with the help of lip correction or lip neutralisation wherein orange pigment is required to hide the hyperpigmentation. The pigmented skin will then heal to pink tones.

Note: One requires about 2-4 sessions to correct such hyperpigmentation.

  • Lip Blush

Lip blush is a game changer in the beauty and makeup industry. The end results are natural and soft; the final look is similar to a lip stain. In these treatments, lips are contoured and dark lips are corrected. Both the techniques are done with the help of a rotary machine. Lip correction and lip blush last for up to 12-18 months and 2-3 sessions may be required to achieve the correction to the hyperpigmentation, which costs approximately Rs 30,000.

What the expert says

“Lip neutralisation and lip blush not only colour correct the lips but also enhance their shape and size. With lip neutralisation, one can even out the lips and with hyper pigmentation, lips can get a beautiful pink colour,” affirms Raman.

Wow Factor

Lip blush is great for individuals who have pale lips and would like to add some colour to them. If you wear lip colour everyday to cover the darkness on your lips, this treatment is meant for you.



  • Eyelash extensions

Eyelashes define the lash line and hence need to look prominent on the face. Many a times, even after wearing loads of mascara or using eyelash curlers, eyelashes do not give that enhanced look. The solution to this is: eyelash extensions. The extensions add length, volume and curl to the lashes. With this, you can go without eye makeup or mascara too and save on your precious time.

Who should do it: If you have straight or sparse lashes, you are the right candidate for this service.

What the expert says

“There is a great demand for lash extension services. These services include classic eyelash extensions, volume eyelash extensions, eyelash lifting tinting, Russian volume, eyelash extension remover, and eyelash extension fill,” says cosmetologist and aesthetician Shagun Gupta, founder, Lash Lounge, the only lash boutique specialising in natural lash health.

There are advanced eyelash services such as advanced eyelash lift, tint and keratin services that are becoming hot trends in the global beauty market. Natural eyelashes can be enhanced without an eyelash extension application. “Eyelash lift with the use of keratin treatment is a completely new concept. Lash lift and tint is a new age European lash service that uses cream solutions to lift and tint the eyelashes, thereby eliminating the need for traditional eyelash curlers. What makes eyelash lift unique is the compatibility for every client, with any special requirements and allergies,” adds Shagun.

Wow Factor

These glamorous waterproof lash extensions are available in various types, lengths, colours, curves and thicknesses. They are safe and can be worn by those with sensitive eyes and even contact lens wearers. These look long, natural and fluttery, unlike the false lashes.

Durability: The service lasts for around 4-6 weeks.

Note: Sleeping on one side more than the other can make the eyelash rub against the surface and result in loss of some lashes. So avoid that strictly.


(Disclaimer: Consult your cosmetologist or beauty expert before going in for any of these services.)

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