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Combs are the oldest and earliest grooming device that the archaeologists found. The first comb ever was found in Sweden dated back 2500 BC. Over the centuries, combs have taken different shapes and styles to cater to different needs. Here’s a simple guide to different types of combs and their uses.

All-purpose comb

Just like the name sounds, an all-purpose comb can be used for a variety of jobs for men, women as well as kids. These combs are sturdy and work on all kinds of hair, be it thick or thin. All-purpose combs come in a variety of lengths, with 7 inches being the most common one.

Rat tail comb

A rat tail comb isn’t a comb with just a long handle. The long handle helps get a distinct parting for your hair. The fine teeth of the comb helps part the hair as the final touch.

Wide tooth comb

Wide teeth combs are best for getting out tangles and combing wet hair. If you use a wide tooth comb on wet hair, it causes less hair breakage and split ends.

Fine tooth comb

A fine tooth comb is perfect when you want to put all your hair in place. This comb has teeth which are close together and give a neat and tidy look. If you have thick hair, it’s best to avoid a fine tooth comb, as it may not pass through all your hair. It sometimes works better than a brush for a neater look.

Rake comb

The rake comb gets its name as it looks like a garden rake. This comb is a saviour for extremely knotted hair. It ensures that you can comb your hair without causing yourself too much of pain or experiencing immense hair loss.


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