This Bangalore-Based Artist is Winning Our Hearts With Her Curly Hair Comics

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Anyone with curly hair will relate so hard…

Most Indians have straight hair, with a few lucky enough to be blessed with natural curls. So obviously, the rest of us straight-haired folk spend a fortune on tools and treatments to get the fabulously curly hair of our dreams. But, is having curly hair everything we dream of? If we were to believe Stray Curls comics (an we do!), we may be looking at the prospect of having curly hair through rose-tinted glasses!

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Angela Mary Vaz, the creator of Stray Curls, uses her artistic skills to share what it’s like to live with curly hair on an everyday basis. And oh boy, there’s a lot we did not expect.

From care to styling, curly hair presents it’s fair share of challenges to deal with. While having curly hair will definitely make you stand out from the crowd, this tricho-fame has its price.

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Of course, although curly hair is the primary focus, it is not the only topic that Stray Curls touches upon. Observations on day-to-day life are fair game as well. As are other hair-related topics.

If you adore her art style, the good news is that Angela Mary Vaz does take orders for custom portraits. There is also a Stray Curls shop on her website, featuring some delectable stationery we would love to get our hands on.

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The struggle is real, no matter where in the world you are. This is the reason why the comics attract fans from all over the globe! And to be honest, we are not really surprised. Browsing through the Stray Curls Instagram page it becomes obvious that the comics are Hela good!

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