Hair Style

Time To Go Short!

And no we don’t mean clothes here! We’ve all tried out different haircuts and had our dramatic hair transformations in the lockdown. Most of you chose not to...

Care Hair

Shine on!

Follow this simple haircare routine for healthy shiny hair, says Dr Aparna Santhanam (MD, DNB) – Consultant Dermatologist. Don’t we all dream of having...

Care Hair

Go Curl-icious

Let this be your guide to curly, bouncy and lovely hair! Curly hair has two personalities. One that loves all the gels, serums and leave-ins and gets styled as...

Hair Style

Amp Up Your Tress Style

Here’s how you can manage your mane with quick styling solutions by Schwarzkopf Professional. Style is a virtue, an attitude and a reflection. It speaks even...



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