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6 Trendy Designs on Your Nails

This season, try coloured French tips, abstract art with neon colours or just striped nail art. Go for these designs and up your nail game!

Book an appointment with your favourite manicurist, because it’s time to get designs on your nails. While French tips were the rage at a certain point of time, you’ll see the trend gradually shifting to vibrant hues. From iridescent sparkle to negative space monotone mani, and from bold abstracts to cool graphics, we have for you a wide range of designs to choose from.

Take a look at the best of celebrity-inspired nail art.

Graphic French Tips

Take inspiration from Kylie Jenner’s multicoloured graphic French tips. With a different colour on every nail, this nail art is surely a must try.

White Swirl

James Charles negative space white swirl look is easier to DIY than it looks. For the base coat, choose a transparent coat or a lighter shade can work too.

Halloween Tips

For a spooky look, take inspiration from Vanessa Hudgens’ matte, ombre spider web claws. All we can say is, these nails could be a costume all by themselves.

Gel Drops

You can always count on Kylie to come through with a sickening set of claws. Here, she has chosen ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ themed nails. A base coat of light, nearly whitish glossy shade, topped with pink gel droplets.

Pride Print

To celebrate her first Pride month after publicly coming out as a transgender woman, beauty YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials decided to celebrate with some fire rainbow-tip mani.

Bandana Beauty

Make-up Moghul Kylie decked her chocolate-tinted coffin nails in a ‘00s-inspired bandana print.



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