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6 Retro-Chic Styles For Festive Inspiration

Give your festive hairdo a nostalgic twist with iconic hairstyles from the ‘90s, says NIMMI MATHAI.

It’s an unwritten rule that one has to get dressed up on festive occasions. If you’re looking for stunning hair trends to slay the festive look in style, we take you back to the ‘90s decade that has been a huge source of inspiration. Ah, the decade where emotions and attitudes flowed into fashion, beauty, make-up and hairstyles. The decade that offered a bevy of funky and vibrant hairstyles, over-the-top colours, crazy cuts and chicest trends. When hair stood out in a sea of styles, be it braids, ponytails, buns or knots, there was a style for everyone!

For the upcoming festive season, we serve those iconic hair trends with a nostalgic twist and tell you how they can ace your look.

The easy ‘n’ doable styles

  • Butterfly clipsFor a cute but trendy effect

We present the most nostalgic and iconic hair accessory of the ‘90s award to the – ‘butterfly clip’. Hair accoutrements had a major moment in the spotlight during the ‘90s. Apart from being stylish, extra and funky, they were pretty functional too and could be used to hold loose strands, wispy bangs and multiple partings in place.

Style cues: Gold coloured butterfly clips are the latest upgrade to this trend. Wear them just above your ears to make a fashionable statement.

  • Crimped hair To add that touch of magic to your mane

Loose curls and poker straight hair had tough competition in the ‘90s against the then emerging crimped hair trend. As part of a ponytail or as an entirely new hairstyle, the crimped hair caught on with the ones who wanted a unique and quirky look. It is relatively easy and simple to wear. So, turn up with the volume with this hairstyle!

Style cues: Use a hair protectant before crimping your hair and apply a hairspray post crimping it for the style to last longer.

The retro special styles

  • Buns – Because buns are no longer boring!

Let’s admit that we’ve all worn a tight twisted bun at some point of time in our lives. This is one of the retro chic looks from the ‘90s that has translated into the 20th century and not for no reason. Now worn in variations as side buns, messy buns, space buns or double buns, the look is neat, super-chic and lovely and can be worn on special occasions.

Style cues: For a festive vibe a loose wispy hair bun should be your go-to look. Spritz on some volumising spray before you begin styling.

  • Bantu knots – Unleash your creative style on them!

Bantu knots, originated from South Africa as a protective hairstyle for the Afro hair texture. This traditionally African hairstyle went on to become one of the most trendsetting and iconic hairstyles of the ‘90s. You can wear this style to a party, music festival or a fun event and be the cynosure of all eyes! This gorgeous hairstyle oozes feisty vibes and adds killer pizzazz instantly.

Style cues: Add thin strands of golden, silver or metallic ribbons in the knots to bring in that festive touch to this look!  

The spunky ‘n’ playful styles

  • Messy braids with clips – To up your hair game

We’ve all heard of the messy bun, but a major thing back in the ‘90s was the messy braided look. The look gives out a strong yet playful and cool vibe. To give the look a more personal touch, attach some colourful clips and pins to the braids.

Style cues: Scruff up your braid and add clips with name tags, diamonds and pearls for an updated version of this hair trend.

  • Micro braids – For maximum impact!

Brandy Norwood, singer, songwriter and actress, rocked this hairstyle like no other in the ‘90s. This hairstyle keeps those tresses in check with minimum upkeep and causes no damage to your strands. We’re still obsessed with this hairstyle worn by the celebrities!

Style cues: Tie your microbraids with a colourful scarf for a delicate, intricate, chic and feminine festive look!


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