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4 Easy Ways to Switch to Sustainability

These natural and eco-friendly care tips will help you manage your locks without breaking the bank.

 In these times of global changes, it is vital to evaluate your beauty routine and find out ways to make it sustainable in the long run. The key to sustainability is opting for products with both natural and synthetic ingredients, which aids in their feasibility and longevity. How? Follow these sustainability tips and you’re sorted.

  • Switch to products with sustainable ingredients

Toxic ingredients like parabens, sulphates, ammonium chloride, formaldehyde and certain fragrances are doing more harm than good to your hair and skin, and also affecting the environment negatively. Look out for products minus these ingredients whilst shopping for your next beauty care essentials.

  • Make your own conditioner and mask

We all love a good deep-conditioning treatment and hair mask. You’d be amazed to know that you can also make a natural homemade conditioner with ingredients like honey, avocado, papaya, coconut oil and more. Find out the best ingredients that suit your specific hair and skin type and make one for you.

  • Switch to bamboo toothbrushes

Bamboo toothbrushes are eco-friendly and have been given the dentist approval. Once it gets old, don’t forget to snap the head off when putting them in the food recycling bin, because the bristles aren’t usually compostable.

  • Buy products with sustainable packaging

Cultivate a routine to shop for items that have environment-friendly packaging. Look for sustainable packaging made with stuff like glass, recyclable cardboard or plastic.




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