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3 Hair Essentials to Add to Your Hair Kit

Tackle your hair concerns with natural hair essentials from Deyga Organics.

Festive poise comes from a combination of dazzling makeup and perfect hairstyle. For a perfect hairstyle, one first needs to have healthy and great looking hair that adds grace to the look. However, the pollutants in the air today are so harsh that you barely have any good hair day ever. The commercial hair products available in the market do not always subside the concern, and rather increase it due to the infusion of harmful chemicals in them. To tackle the most common concern of hairfall, one needs the essence of natural products combined with a healthy diet to work on it radically. Deyga Organics, the skincare brand that has recently won the title of ‘Brand Of The Year 2020’ (from Times Business awards) helps you ace the hair game with its promising range of handcrafted and natural products inspired from the Ayurveda, the oldest thesis on medicine rooted in India.

Ms Arthi Raguram, Founder-Deyga Organics says, “The natural ingredients used in the manufacturing of Deyga products are sourced from our very own Deyga Farms. Here ingredients are organically cultivated or procured from local farmers who practise organic farming. Deyga’s haircare range consists of a variety of powerful and natural products which have gained many appraisals for their brilliant performance and successfully brought a positive change in many lives.”

We list out some bestsellers from Deyga’s haircare range here:


This is power-packed combination of natural oils like coconut oil, castor oil and grapeseed oil, infused with nature’s glorious remedies like fenugreek and curry leaves, and made more impactful with a sheer tint of false daisies and rosemary essential oil into it. This fusion is formulated to reduce hairfall at a fast pace and treats damaged hair from its roots. A relaxing massage with this oil twice a day is all you need to provide nourishment to the hair.


Coconut milk has vividly shown its efficacy as the best natural hair conditioner and cleanser. With hair-friendly add-ons such as amla, shikakai and bhringaraj into the making of this unique bath bar, it only enhances the hair quality after every wash. It makes the hair strong, silky and frizz free.


A quick trick to make hair manageable and frizz free is to pour a few drops of hair serum on your palm and pat it down the length of the hair. Made from jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, carrot seed oil and flax seed oil, the serum excellently works upon hair to make it shiny and healthy.

Incorporating these products into your haircare regime will not only treat damaged hair but also be the gateway to ultra-shine and smooth hair that you always have been dreaming of. The products are equally beneficial for both men and women. Men may also use the Coconut Milk Shampoo Bath Bar for the beard to improve its texture and quality.

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